Garden Tractor Pull
Saturday July 31, 2021 • 8:00 am in the Grandstand

We are excited to announce Garden Tractor Pull’s are back at the Vanderburgh County Fair!!

Quarter Scale Pull- 8 Hp Stock Plus, 12 HP Stock, 16 Hp Stock, 48 CuIN (TTPAI)

TTPAI Classes Only- 30 CuIN (NQS), Stock Altered (NQS), Pro Stock (NQS), Super Stock (NQS)

One Day Membership- $10 per person. Entey fee is $15 per class.

See Tri-State Tractor Pulling Association- TTPAI on Facebook for complete rules.

Contact Info: Gene Gauger 812-457-8379 or

Max Burkhart 812-486-6526 or