Vanderburgh County Tiny Tots Contest

The deadline for entering the Tiny Tots Contest is July 20, 2017 and requires an entry fee of $10.00. To enter, complete and submit the form below along with a scanned/attached copy of the contestantʼs birth certificate.

Your payment of $10.00 can be mailed to:
Tiny Tots Contest Dru Moreland
9820Fisher Rd
Evansville IN 47720

Make checks payable to:
the “Vanderburgh County Fair Association” Envelopes must be postmarked by July 20, 2017, to be eligible.

Beth Schmitt, Pageant Coordinator
Dru Moreland, Chairperson (812) 632-0153,

Committee: Sara Coomes, Katie Barnes, Sarah Rust, Amanda Rexing, Amanda Schmitt, Tate Fritchley, Andrea Pennington, Rhonda Klueg-Slater, Jane Fritchley, Becca Lax, Laura Rexing, Alyssa Welte

Entry deadline, July 20, 2017 and Entry Fee, $10.00.
Please DO NOT combine entry fees from other pageants.

See complete rules for the Vanderburgh County Tiny Tots Contest.