Vanderburgh County Fair 1920-2019

It’s hard to believe that 98 years ago, the Vanderburgh County Fair started merely as a Livestock show on the grounds of Bluegrass Church. Now here we are in 2018 bringing one of the premiere events in Vanderburgh County to the public for young and old alike to enjoy. Where else can you find quality entertainment, see livestock shows, gather with friends and family, find great food to eat, have a Purple Cow and just have fun at such an affordable price? Nowhere else but the Vanderburgh County Fair!

It takes so many volunteers all year long to assemble the week for you to enjoy. Be sure to tell them “Thanks” for the time they gave to bring you a great fair. Without them, there wouldn’t be a Vanderburgh County Fair. Thank you to ALL of the volunteers and Thank You the public for supporting “your fair”!

Jeff, Shanta, Melanie, Sara, Sherry, Norman and myself want to welcome all of you and say “Have a great week at the fair!”

Scott Berry  President Vanderburgh County Fair

Prices include all entertainment except for concert arena floor admission, see 2019 Vanderburgh County Fair admission prices here.

Special room rates available at the Hampton Inn Airport.

Just mention Vanderburgh County Fair for special rates.

Vanderburgh County 4H Center
Purdue Extension, Vanderburgh County